6 Signs Your Home Has Foundation Problems

Foundations are the unseen heroes of your home. They hold up your house and keep it from sinking into the ground. Unfortunately, foundations can also go unnoticed for years at a time, gradually weakening until they fail to do their job. For this reason, you should be aware of these seven signs that indicate foundation problems in your home.

1. Uneven Floors

One of the most common signs of foundation problems is uneven floors. This can be caused by the foundation shifting or settling over time. As the foundation weakens, it can no longer support the weight of your home, which results in uneven floors.

2. Doors and Windows That Stick

Another sign of foundation damage is doors and windows that stick. This is caused by the door or window no longer being level with the threshold. Over time, as the foundation continues to sag, this could become a serious problem because your doors and windows may become difficult to open and close.

3. Cracks in Your Flooring

If you start to notice cracks in your flooring, it could be a sign that your foundation is starting to fail. The foundation shifting can cause these cracks, which will only worsen over time.

4. Separation of Your Walls from the Foundation

If you notice that your walls are starting to separate from the foundation, it is a sign that there is a serious problem. This separation is often caused by the foundation sinking or shifting, leading to structural damage over time.

5. Water seeping into Your Basement

If you start to see water seeping into your basement, it is a sure sign that your foundation is in trouble. This water can damage your belongings and cause mold and mildew to grow.

6. Cracks in Your Foundation Itself

Finally, you should be aware of cracks that form in your foundation. These are probably the most serious sign that something is wrong because they indicate that your foundation is starting to crumble. If you start to see cracks in your foundation, it isn’t worth putting off repairs any longer because this could lead to structural damage and the collapse of your home.

Hire the Right Foundation Repair Services

You’ll likely come across a house with foundation problems during a house search: structural distress, such as foundation damage, affects an estimated 25% of all U.S. homes, with 5% experiencing serious issues, according to Listwithclever.com. However, you can restore your home to its former glory with the right foundation repair services. Call Allied Crawl Space today to learn more about our foundation repair services.

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