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    Basement Waterproofing Lincoln County, TN

    You shouldn't have to deal with a damp or wet basement. Call on Allied Foundation & Crawl Space Solutions for the best basement waterproofing Lincoln County, TN has available. We know how to identify the cause of your wet basement, musty smells, and mold issues, and we'll provide you with a waterproofing system to eliminate problems once and for all.

    Your foundation should be something that you can put your trust in. As your foundation could be the source of water in your basement, it’s imperative to contact a team that has over 25 years of experience in both basements and with foundation work! There’s a reason we have become one of the leading waterproofing basement companies Huntsville, AL and the Southeast trust for their homes!

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    Wet Basement Causes

    You can have water issues in your basement without heavy rains or obvious standing water. While it's easy to see water coming through a crack in the floor or wall of your basement, the real cause of your basement water problem may be something else.

    The Clay Bowl Effect

    If you've replaced the soil around your foundation with excavated soil, it isn't as dense and tightly packed as undisturbed soil. Water can collect in the soil immediately surrounding your house and put pressure on foundation walls and cause cracks.

    Hydrostatic Pressure

    When the soil around your foundation is soaked, it expands and puts pressure on your foundation. Then the water works its way through any opening available, such as cracks and openings around pipes or windows.

    Other Common Causes

    Besides the options listed above, there are other common factors that can cause a leaky or damp basement. The problem could be interior, such as leaking pipes. If you are worried about a potential leak in your basement, contact us to help you diagnose the issue!

    Complete Waterproofing Solutions

    A wet or damp basement is one of the things that scares home buyers away. If you're looking to sell your home, turn to us for complete waterproofing products and services. Our basement waterproofing system comes with a lifetime warranty that can be transferred to the next owner of your home, giving potential buyers the confidence they need. Our solutions include:

    • Perimeter drainage systems
    • Doorway drainage systems
    • Sump pumps
    • Waterproofing wall and floor products
    • Wall and floor crack repairs
    • Replacement windows
    • Water heater flood protection
    • Frozen discharge line prevention

    Why Choose Us?

    Maybe we’re biased, but we believe that when it comes to hiring waterproofing basement companies in Huntsville, AL, or elsewhere in the Southeast, we are the team to call. With 25 years of experience, Allied Foundation & Crawl Space Solutions will be able to perform whatever maintenance work is needed to make sure your foundation is solid and your basement leak-free. Below are just a few of the qualities we are proud to bring to the table for all of our clients:
    • Quality products - As a Basement Systems dealer, we use a line of patented, award-winning products that are known to keep basements dry
    • Fast installations - Most of our projects can be completed in 1 to 2 business days
    • Experienced crews - All members of our crew are waterproofing specialists who dry basements every day
    • Cost-effective system - Our waterproofing system can be customized to fit your budget in both finished and unfinished basements, and it costs half as much as an exterior waterproofing system
    • Locally owned and operated - AFACS is a locally owned and operated business with products and training that are second to none
    • Free estimates - We offer free written quotes to homeowners in our service area
    In addition to those qualities, we pride ourselves on our honesty and our integrity. What that means for you is that we will never cut corners to get a job done quicker, or lie to you about what your home needs. Everyone dreams of enjoying their basement and making it an integral part of the home, but that’s impossible to do if you are dealing with leaks and humidity. Calling Allied Foundation & Crawl Space Solutions to waterproof your basement is one of the most important steps you can take on the road to enjoying your basement. Call us at (256) 952-1287 today!

    Signs of a Crawl Space Problem

    Excess moisture in your crawl space can contribute to:

    • Musty odors
    • Poor indoor air quality
    • Feeling of dampness in the living area
    • Buckled hardwood floors
    • Mold growth
    • Allergic reactions and worsened asthma symptoms
    • Wood rot
    • Increased energy usage and bills
    • Pest infestations
    Basement Water Proofing C 1920w

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