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    Remove Mold With Our Waterproofing System

    Wet, humid basements and crawl spaces promote mold growth quickly, and mold spores in the air can cause allergy flare-ups and other health problems for your family. The best way to keep mold out of a basement or crawl space is to ensure it's dry, and that's where Allied Foundation & Crawl Space Solutions comes in.

    We now have a solution to remove already existing mold when we come to waterproof your basement or crawl space! Mold-X2 by the Basement Systems Network will effectively rid mold from building surfaces in your basement or crawl space with ease. We can use these products to clean your space before installing the rest of your waterproofing products.

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    Products Proven to Remove Mold

    AFACS specializes in installing two types of Mold-X2, as different basements and crawl spaces require different types of treatment. Used to handle both mild and more aggressive mold, our Mold-X2 Stain Remover will clean contaminated surfaces including wood or masonry in only 20 seconds. This product is offered in tandem with our waterproofing services because the space must be kept dry and humidity-free to prevent mold from growing back.

    Mold-X2 Botanical helps to prevent mold from recurring on these types of building surfaces. We recommend an application of Stain Remover followed by the Botanical product to prevent mold from coming back. It is also important to note that home ventilation is typically required after the application of Mold-X2 products due to the odor.

    We offer these solutions to give you the option to get rid of mold when you come to us to make your basement or crawl space dry. However, if you have an extensive mold problem, you may need to reach out to a mold specialist. We will provide you with all the information needed when we visit your home.

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